Welcome to Lunchbox Electronics!

Lunchbox Electronics (LBE) was founded by Alicia Gibb who wanted to start a company specialized in themes encompassing nerdy technologies. LBE creates innovative new products with imagination and the passion for open source hardware. We combine the art and engineering of an R&D Lab with playful products. At LBE we believe that learning should be intuitive and fun, many of our products do just that.

LBE has many Do It Yourself (DIY) soldering kits for sale that range from simple soldering to having the opportunity to solder and programing an Arduino. All of LBE products are open source and we welcome you to hack away and create derivatives of our products.

In 2015 LBE ran a successful Kickstarter to create a STEAM toy. Build Upons are amazingly tiny light up bricks that are LEGO® compatible. They are the latest in STEAM (Science, Technology. Engineering, Art, and Math) learning toy brought to you by a woman-owned company Lunchbox Electronics. LED Build Upons are based on 1×1 bricks that are used to create elegant LEGO® creations that light up. You don’t need to know electronics to use these Build Upon bricks, you simply create, just like you’ve always done.
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