Awesome Back to School Soldering & Circuitry Kits

Learn to solder with these kits

Here are some of our favorite back-to-school Soldering and Circuitry Kits.

  • The Blinky Buildings kit is great for really getting your solder skills honed in. With 20 LEDs to solder, you’ll be a pro solderer by the time this kit is done.
  • The StopAndGo kit will let you keep playing after the kit is built – Build it into your LEGO cityscapes.
  • Our other favorite soldering kit is the Vellman Heart kit because of its simplicity. It has the four most basic components when learning electronics. It’s easy to step through the function of each component as it gets soldered in the board.

Blinky Buildings Photo CC-SA Lunchbox Electronics

Stop And Go Kit  Photo CC-SA Lunchbox Electronics

Vellman Heart Kit

Vellman Heart Kit  Photo from Vellman

Learn circuitry with these kits

These are our favorite kits for teaching circuitry. In all of these kits, you can visibly see the circuitry and point out where the path of electricity flows. These kits are also great for teaching different types of conductive materials.

ProtoSnap – LilyPad E-Sewing Kit  Photo: CC NC-SA SparkFun


Bare Conductive Cards  Photo By Bare Conductive

Chibi Lights Starter Kit  Photo CC-NC-SA SparkFun