Lunchbox’s Favorite Things

Use the Cyber Monday code: cyberlunchbox to get 40% off the entire Lunchbox store! The holidays are officially upon us! Lunchbox wants to share some of it’s favorite nerdy, electronic things! Novelty Brick PTH Leds Adorable Brick shaped LEDs bring your electronics to life!Get them on Lunchbox or our resellers: Sparkfun, Jameco, and Scientific Direct. […]

Lego-Compatible Night Light

This adorable night light is powered by an Arduino and lets you show off your favorite Lego kit, even in the dark! It uses our Novelty PTH LED Bricks to keep it looking just like any other Lego, and by using a solderless breadboard it requires no soldering! You can check it out on Hackster […]

STEM LEGO Compatible Stop And Go Kit

We’ve created a simple DIY solder kit for anyone that wants to learn to solder. Our Stop And Go solder kit is perfect to encourage STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education for kids in 5th grade and older. Check it out!    Make this stoplight to learn a little about soldering and play. Source […]


We are pushing the envelope with Build Upons

You may be wondering why it’s taken so long to get your bricks. To make these bricks, we are pushing the edges of two manufacturing processes. We are insert molding ABS around populated PCBs (circuit boards). Overmolding generally means the plastic is softer than ABS, and can be done at lower temperatures. We weren’t able […]

The Lego-Compatible Photon Weather Tracker!

This project is a Photon-powered weather tracker that will light up different parts of a Lego scene based on the current weather! It checks the weather every hour, and uses our Novelty PTH LED bricks to light up different weather patterns. The Particle cloud makes it incredibly simple to allow your Photon to talk to […]

Add 25% More Twinkle To Your Holidays!

Hello Friends of Lunchbox Electronics, Since the Holidays are among us we wanted to give you a little something to add an extra TWINKLE to your holidays. This season give the gift of DIY, Hacking and STEM EDUCATION (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Use this holiday code to purchase any Lunchbox Electronics product and receive […]

Betty Hacker, aka Alicia, embeds open hardware electronics into cakes

Written by Alicia Gibb for Food and electronics don’t usually mix well—unless you’re cake hacking. I’ve been embedding electronics into edible cakes since 2008. And, in 2009, my group won the New York City Yahoo! Hackathon with a cake that showed rudimentary emojis via LEDs with emotions based tags. Most cakes I’ve put […]

Novelty LED Matrix Board

Want to put both your soldering and programing skills to the test?! Our awesome Arduino controlled LED Matrix Board is a soldering kit that you can build yourself! You can hook-up the LED Matrix Board to your Arduino and program the board to display whatever fun message or graphics you like. The LED Matrix Board is […]

Geek Dad Loves Lunchbox Electronics’ Soldering Kits

Lunchbox Electronics: Fun DIY Kits and Components for Kids             Everyone knows that people, and especially kids, learn better when they’re having fun. But not everyone starts a company to make that happen. Not everyone is Alicia Gibb. Alicia Gibb is an inventor with a background in art education and […]

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

Meet the incredible women at Lunchbox Electronics!   Alicia Gibb is the inventor of Build Upons and founder of Lunchbox Electronics. Alicia got her start as a technologist from her combination in backgrounds including: library science, inspiration from art and design, and a passion for hardware hacking. Alicia has worked between the crossroads of art and […]