Awesome Back to School Soldering & Circuitry Kits

Learn to solder with these kits Here are some of our favorite back-to-school Soldering and Circuitry Kits. The Blinky Buildings kit is great for really getting your solder skills honed in. With 20 LEDs to solder, you’ll be a pro solderer by the time this kit is done. The StopAndGo kit will let you keep playing after the […]

Stack, Stack, Light: Illuminate Your Lego Creations

Build Upons are now on Backer Kit! Pre-order yours for a limited time! We have a NEW kit up called the Sparkle kit, which comes with a couple flashing LEDs! The Creators Project posted an article about us written by Noémie Jennifer: Lunchbox Electronics is manufacturing sets of tiny light-up bricks that can snap right into […]


Build Upons are the world’s tiniest light up LEGO®-compatible bricks available on Kickstarter (hurry, time is almost up!) We built some awesome light up creations and so can you. Light up your Robot, LEGO® Star Wars set, LEGO® Architecture set, or anything else you can dream up. The sky is the limit! Back us here to […]

How to embed electronics into a 3D Print

By: Jason Brownstein This is a technical post for embedding electronics in a 3D print. We are using a Taz series Lulzbot printer from Aleph Objects. This post assumes you already know how to use a 3D printer and how to edit gcode. We are pre-prototyping a product for our Kickstarter, Build Upons. To prototype Build […]

A Message from the Founder

I am Alicia Gibb, the founder of Lunchbox Electronics. I’m also the inventor of Build Upons: World’s Tiniest Light Up Bricks to build upon your existing LEGO® creations. Light up your robot, house, or spaceship! We currently have a Kickstarter campaign to help us kick start our manufacturing costs – back us!   I have been […]