Geek Dad Loves Lunchbox Electronics’ Soldering Kits

Lunchbox Electronics: Fun DIY Kits and Components for Kids            

Everyone knows that people, and especially kids, learn better when they’re having fun. But not everyone starts a company to make that happen. Not everyone is Alicia Gibb.

Alicia Gibb is an inventor with a background in art education and information science, which puts her in a sort of sweet spot when it comes to STEAM education. She started her company, Lunchbox Electronics, to sell products she’s created to help fill an underserved niche in kids’ learning: Making learning about electronics easy, accessible, and most of all fun.

Lunchbox Electronics launched a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year for their newest product, called Build-Upons, which are 1×1 LEGO-compatible blocks that light up in various colors using LEDs. And those are pretty awesome, but that’s far from all the company makes. Most of their products (all LEGO-compatible, which works towards both accessibility and fun) are kits that help teach kids (or grownups – they don’t discriminate) who already know the basics of soldering how to use that skill with electronics, and in the process assemble some pretty interesting projects. To make them even easier, there are video instructions on how to use them.



DIY Stop And Go Solder Kit