Happy Ada Lovelace Day

Meet the incredible women at Lunchbox Electronics!


iconAlicia Gibb is the inventor of Build Upons and founder of Lunchbox Electronics. Alicia got her start as a technologist from her combination in backgrounds including: library science, inspiration from art and design, and a passion for hardware hacking. Alicia has worked between the crossroads of art and electronics for the past nine years, and has worked for the open source hardware community since 2008. She founded the Open Source Hardware Association, an organization to educate and promote building and using open source hardware of all types. She is self-taught in electronics. Her electronics work has appeared in Wired magazine, IEEE Spectrum, Hackaday and the New York Times. When Alicia is not researching at the crossroads of open technology and innovation she is prototyping artwork that twitches, blinks, and might even be tasty to eat.



4E172AE6-2192-46DF-877E-605480FBA796-2873-000002298C0ED974Jennifer Schwager (Jen) is an experienced and creative professional who has had rare experiences such as starting an environmental organization in 7th grade, writing two youth handbooks on the subject of sustainable development, and by way of her entrepreneurial spirit, helping to foster the growth of two new companies. Jen was one of the first hired at Canopy Development where she worked as a project manager. At juwi solar Inc. (JSI), she was the fourth person hired to assist in starting the firm’s North American headquarters. Jen’s ability to jump in to any work environment and succeed is undoubtedly her best skill. Her highly detail-oriented nature and team player spirit only allows for success.



Puppet is the Marketing Director and Customer Service at Lunchbox Electronics. She has been doing comedic relief all her life. Puppet has an honorary PhD in Antics and Tomfoolery. Talking in a high pitched voice is what she does best. She works closely with Jen.