Lunchbox’s Favorite Things

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The holidays are officially upon us! Lunchbox wants to share some of it’s favorite nerdy, electronic things!


Novelty Brick PTH Leds

Adorable Brick shaped LEDs bring your electronics to life!Get them on Lunchbox or our resellers: Sparkfun, Jameco, and Scientific Direct. Make your own LEGO scene night light!

BEAR DIY Night Light LEDs

Circuit Stickers Intro Pack

Fold and stick electronics into paper designs with Chibi Electronic’s Circuit Stickers. Create greeting cards, electric books and more! No soldering required.

chibitronics-value-1_png_ltdetail_1024x1024  img_6896-253x253
11519-kit   52e95fafce395fa67b8b4569  Makey Makey Deluxe Kit
Just add Bananas! Hook up anything that conducts and the Makey Makey translates it into a keyboard, musical instrument or video game controller.
14007-demo  SparkFun PiRetrocade

Get all the high scores. Because BUTTONS! Bleep bleep bloop beep. Remember: never play against the kid who owns the console.


Build On Brick Holiday Wreath

Check out how much this LEGO wreath from Think Geek looks like the holiday wreath. Can you even tell which one is the real one? Wrong, it’s the one on the right.

inos_build_on_brick_wreath downeaster_maine_fresh_christmas_wreath_red_bow__87700-1407357717-545-545