Stack, Stack, Light: Illuminate Your Lego Creations

Build Upons are now on Backer Kit! Pre-order yours for a limited time! We have a NEW kit up called the Sparkle kit, which comes with a couple flashing LEDs!


The Creators Project posted an article about us written by Noémie Jennifer:

Lunchbox Electronics is manufacturing sets of tiny light-up bricks that can snap right into your existing Lego creations called Build Upons. The company completed a successful round of Kickstarter funding last week, with over 600 backers eager to get their hands on the illuminating bricks.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Lunchbox is headed by Alicia Gibb, a lifelong Lego builder. She started research on lighting up bricks in 2007, albeit “for a different goal,” she tells The Creators Project: “I had to make the mindset shift from computer art to a toy.”

Read more Posted on Jul 6, 2015.

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